The Urban Go Challenge

UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping startup based in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to solve the problems of urban mobility by offering the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users.

The problem

Although the current product of UrbanGo already solves some of the main problems of the urban mobility, there is one pain point for many users: the different amount of public transport tickets the users have to purchase.

Public transport tickets come in paper or plastic cards. Very often buying different public transport tickets is necessary to go from point A to B. And the process of buying these tickets can be very annoying (queues, vending machines that don’t work, etc.).

Finally, things like pricing or purchasing the correct ticket can become a real pain when you are abroad.

Who is my audience and main pain-points

Firstly I decided to define my user who she or he really is. So I made a conclusion that it’s possibly somebody who is young, who likes to travel, who is familiar with other public transport apps such as City mapper or Transit and who likes to use online tickets than buying paper ones. I interviewed 5 different people in Lithuania aged group between 30–55 years old what was their experiences for buying public transport tickets. Most of them really hated the fact that they needed to buy several different tickets for the transport in the city they lived and the different ones for the other cities. It would have been much more convenient to have one transit system ticket for several different cities. I also found it outdated the fact that you can buy a paper ticket at the drivers desk. I found it to be a completely unnecessary and also quite disturbing for the driver. Specially it gets annoying when you try to get into the bus and there is a huge line of people trying to buy the same ticket and you just start bumping at each other and trying to squeeze and get into that bus. People also liked that fact that you can fill up your monthly card, but the option to do that with a card is only for each month for one transport service provider, but not for example for a week or 2 weeks with a possibility to use different public service providers. Younger people who are more familiar with mobile apps and who likes to travel more complained that public transport system can be really very tricky being abroad…Different tickets for different zones or transport options. Also you need to figure it out where ticket machines are, how they work, usually there are conditions for buying tickets that you can’t use less for example than 10 euros banknotes or that you can pay only in coins etc…

Solution to a problem

To sum up ideally I would leave an option to fill up your monthly card for older people with a possibility to be able to use them for all transport providers between the different cities. For younger people this is what I came up to:

I decided that there are several important features that should be in the app:

  • Option to choose how many travelers are going to have a trip
  • Time and date management
  • Option to choose type of transportation
  • Option to choose start and end point
  • Option to be able to see when there is a next transport to your end point.
  • Option to see how much your trip is going to cost you

For example when you choose your start and end point from where to where you want to go in your screen you can also see what transport options you have and how much its going to cost you. When you just simple validate your ticket from your balance and it will automatically will be charged from your balance.

After doing this task I realised what a huge amount of information can give just interviewing the users, getting into the users shoes, having this empathy for the user, asking how they feel what is their feedback positive or negative emotions and how realy it can help to define the problem and find a solution. Also how important it is to ask the right questions and to understand the psychology of your user. Also how important for a good UX designer to be able to analyse all the new features that comes up, be aware of it’s competitors and be able to adapt and to see up front. I think these one of the key things for a good UX designer.

Passionate illustrator/ graphic/ web designer who is always seeking for the improvement and combining both beauty with functionality.